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$$$$$$$                TUNTAS CAMPEON 2014 SUMMER LEAGUE    $$$$$$$

$$$$$$$            THE BEST MONEY LEAGUE IN THE BRONX!!!   2014         $$$$$$$$

 Well the softball season is among us again my friends. Its time for another softball season. But I've notice a few things about other leagues. The league fee is HIGH $$$, the fields are never maintained,which leaves you (Prone to injury) for you and your team. The Umpire fees are ridiculous and the league is very unorganized. The majority of these leagues just want your money. They don't care about you or your team.They make you play teams that you can't compete with and your team never makes the playoffs. Why spend your hard earn money $ for a league that doesn't care whether you come to your games. Why don't you join the most prestitious league in the Bronx (Softball hood Where all the teams make the playoffs with a chance at the Championship Prize Our fields are professionally maintained and our Umpires are the best in the business. We also have an end of season party with FREE FOOD and BEVERAGES for all the teams and managers that participated to show our appreciation.You can ask anybody about Billy's league, and they will all tell you the same thing. We are number ONE and we protect our league reputation every year. We have plans for the up coming year so stay tuned for good news. Feel free to send an email in our (contact us) tab. See you soon!!!!